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Custom Features
We'd be happy to integrate your work and ideas with our professionally built solutions.
Preparation Helps
Preparing a good written plan will undoubtedly give you the most value for your dollars.

The Fundraising Database - Report View

The screen shot above demonstrates the power of Custom Filemaker Fundraising reports by computing counts and percentages for each specific range. Managers often gain new insights about how gift subtotals are associated with specific donation ranges in ways that would not have been possible before the implementation of Custom Filemaker Fundraising Database.

Besides tracking gifts, the Custom Filemaker Fundrasing database will also send thank you notes, produce fundraising letters and help with campaign effectiveness via the use of campaign codes.

The Charting Option

Filemaker 11 includes built-in support for charts, thus our Custom Filemaker Solutions can choose from several formats, such as a bar graph (horizontal or vertical), line chart and area or pie graphs.

Charts can be named, or base their names on a field or calculation.
Likewise, the X and Y axis can be labeled with custom titles or derive its name from a field or calculation. Finally, we can pull data from a found set, the current record only, or from related records.