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Custom Features
We'd be happy to integrate your work and ideas with our professionally built solutions.
Track Record

We have completed many projects over the years that cannot be featured here because of client confidentiality. Give us a call to discuss how your business logic could thrive in a database.

The Venues and Events Database - List View

List views are optimized for managing many records at once. Organizers can sort by header fields, filter the list by location, or restrict the Found Set by a beginning and ending date. A push of a button jumps to related Budgets, Contacts, Call Logs and To Do Lists, and reports of past events compare expenses to facilitate future planning.

Full Relational Capabilities

Our carefully designed Custom Filemaker databases promote consistent data entry and retrieval, and reduce the occurrence of duplicate data among the database tables. The default Custom Filemaker format for a field is the Edit Box. The Drop-down Lists, Pop-up Menus, Checkbox Sets, Radio Buttons and Drop-down Calendar field formats greatly reduce spelling mistakes and data entry errors that could interfere with database searches.

Intuitive Interface and Easy Navigation

Custom Filemaker database interfaces are intuitive, so that operators can start using it without prior training. However, efficiency can be improved significantly by mastering Custom Filemaker features that are usually not learned through casual use only. We try to provide as much training during the initial design phase and following maintenance period as the user will accept. The full Relational Capabilities of Custom Filermaker databases make it possible to navigate anywhere with no more than three clicks.