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Custom Filemaker will integrate your work and ideas with our professionally built solutions.
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Using the FM Books Connector plug-in, Custom Filemaker can provide two-way data integration between FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks.

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The Invoice System - List View

Look at all of your invoices, your paid or unpaid invoices, your unpaid invoices at a glance. E-mail invoices to your customers in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format at a push of a button. Insert several lines at a time, according to the pre-set on it on the top of the extend column. In the Custom Flemaker Invoice System, you insert a contact's info with a click. You see your invoices grouped by company on their respective profiles. Mark invoices and paid and autostamped with a date. Show total outstanding balances, sort by date, amount, company and so on.

In case you find anything missing, we'd be happy to customize the solution for you, or even create a Custom Flemaker Solution from scratch.

Custom Filemaker Invoices - $149

custom-filemaker chart and report
The Charting Option

Filemaker 11 includes built-in support for charts, thus our Custom Filemaker Solutions can choose from several formats: bar graph (horizontal or vertical), line chart and area or pie graphs.

Charts can be named, or base their names on a field or calculation.
Likewise, the X and Y axis can be labeled with custom titles or derive its name from a field or calculation. Finally, we can pull data from a found set, the current record only, or from related records.