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Custom Filemaker will integrate your ideas with our professionally built solutions.
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Using the FM Books Connector plug-in, Custom Filemaker can provide two-way data integration between FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks.

The Invoice System - Main View

Bill your clients in a matter of minutes by e-mailing an Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) Invoice to them. In the Relational Context of our Custom Filemaker Solutions, you can navigate anywhere within three clicks. View a subset ("Found Set" using Filemaker vocabulary) of Invoices or Contacts for a given Company at a glance.

Test drive the Demo Version of our Custom Filemaker Invoice System, and dream up new features and looks as you please. Purchase the basic version to start right away, add more complex functions later as your time and budget allows.

Custom Filemaker Invoices - $149

Detailed Reporting

Our Custom Filemaker Solutions take advantage of Filemaker's Rapid Application Development (RAD) feature. We model, test and evaluate as we go and our users are often surprised at how the newly acquired power provided by the Custom Filemaker database speeds up their daily routine and improves the general workflow.